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  6. SONY NOKIA 正官庄


Marktech Tools

  1. Grow in Customer Traffic

    Grow in Customer Traffic

  2. Identified Core Fans/Stans

    Identified Core Fans/Stans

  3. Increase purchasing rate

    Increase purchasing rate

  4. Higher Reach Rate

    Higher Reach Rate

Our company has bought many ads, why aren't business coming in?

Maximized advertising efficiency,

increase stickiness and

gain customer traffic.


A.I. monitors performance 24/7, with real-time bidding evey 10 minutes, winning over competitors with cost-efficient budgets and bring in maximized traffic at the lowest cost.

Maintain advantage in the fierce competitve environment of Facebook, Goolge, Keyword Search and be adaptive to dynamic marketing pricing strategy.


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Successful Case/ Notable Projects (Health Food Category)

Online promotion for new product launch, A.I. Consumer Targeting, Cut advertising cost by 56%, Customer grow by 200%

The key to drive customer traffic
why customers don't knock the door?

How to boost revisit rate? Where are my core fans/stans?

Profit-driven integrated

marketing models to help

build high customer

retention rate.

CRM Marketing

Develop marketing strategies in one minute, craft creative materials with one click, and integrate EDM, LINE and SMS, three tools in one platform.

Integrated CRM platform allows you to send member birthday gifts, new product launch news, personalized promotion, friend requests..etc. Brining in great traffic and grow significantly in purchase rates.



Successful Case/ Notable Projects (E-commerce Category)

Received 130 orders through just one activity, making the product a bestseller.

From customer lists to actual orders
Why customers don't visit again?
Digital tools

Digital Gadgets

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Be the booster for every SME, provide with the latest A.I. business platform, and apply marketing technology to help gain profits easily.

With the support of A.I., business can leave out the most time-consuming, replaceable work for highly efficient and convenient technologies.

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