1. Why the commercial effects are getting worse?
  2. Why the commercial are getting ineffective?
  3. Who should belive when there are so many agents?
  4. There is commercial issue, but the phone of agent is always busy
  5. The media rules are changed again, what should I do?
  6. I don't have time to watch the commerical at all time, what should I do ?

Maximize commercial effects

on Facebook, Google and Keyword search,

develop super strong attractiveness!


A.I. 24 hours realtime commercial monitoring, bid precisely every 10 minutes to defeat other competitors with cheapest price! Bring biggest crowds with least costs!

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Most powerful advertising effects !

Smart price adjustment evey 10 minutes.

Bring double crowds with least costs.

adGeek unique A.I. smart algorithm, incorporated with professional advertising operation technology and realtime market price judgement to maximize commercial effects on Facebook, Google, keyword search and find A class customers upon each exposure!

  1. Realtime adjustment, surpass your competitors as bidding!
  2. Continous update to correspond with changes in various commercial rules.
  3. The prices is 40%~60% lower thatn targe costs.
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Smart price

24 hours high efficienct monitoring.

Hand over many and diverse works to A.I.,

reserving time for more important events

Non-stop advertisement, watch the businesses even in sleep.

Be smart for complicated marketing tasks. Human machine integration not onlys get twice results with half effort, but also breakthrough the stagnant situation.

  1. Work 7/24
  2. Save 70% labor costs
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24 hours high efficienct monitoring

Visualized advertising checkup

Easily seize commercial status,

A.I. counsellor provides you

with best strategies

Instinct panel design to rapidly understand the health condition of advertisement. Apply A.I. optimized suggestions to get further advertising effects.

  1. Friendly information figures and tables
  2. Record each strategy in details
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A.I. counsellor provides you with best strategies

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World Recognized Quality Services

  1. 國泰世華銀行
  2. Panasonic
  3. American Express
  4. OSIM
  5. 大潤發
  6. AVEDA
  7. 中國信託銀行
  8. Hennessy

International Technical Support and Cooperation

  1. facebook
  2. Google
  3. LINE

Global Platform/ Worldwide Integrated Platform

Be the booster for every SME, provide with the latest A.I. business platform, and apply marketing technology to help gain profits easily.

With the support of A.I., business can leave out the most time-consuming, replaceable work for highly efficient and convenient technologies.

World business map of adGeek World business map of adGeek(for Mobile)


You may acquire services as follows:

  1. A.I. optimized platform for Facebook, Google, keyword ads.
  2. A.I. provides adjustment suggestions for commercial account structure.
  3. A.I. cross platform effect data integration panel.

Free tools:

  1. Internet checkup tools.
  2. Short connection generator/link effect table.

Appointment consultation

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Let's create and maximize value together.

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