1. What do my members like?
  2. Who are most interested in my products?
  3. When and what tools are most effective?
  4. What should I do for less experience on membership operation?
  5. Why customers would not visit after sending EDM, message or LINE?
  6. There are many operational tools and they are so annoying for dealing individually
  7. I don't know how to start the memerbship operation?
  8. It is difficult to get old customers return!

Cross-tool profit marketing module,

building super high return rate easily!

Ultra smart customer service butler

The membership operation tools to the goal of greatly increasing "closing orders".

Smart marketing allows your customers to visit over and over again.

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Efficient X creativity

helps you efficently enhance

order transfer rate

Three major tools to integrate the LINE, EDM and message membership operation across channels.

Conduct all channel communication

once with members,

which is more quickly and efficient

Integrate the LINE, EDM and message used most frequently by members on the same platform. You may use communication tools flexibly according to different marketing purposes to get rid of many and diversify customer operation flow in the past.

  1. Satisfy LINE, EDM, message tools at one time!
  2. LINE member connection, easy introduction!
  3. EDM connection, providing 20,000 free letter sending every month.
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Efficient X creativity

Automatic marketing module

Best marketing profitability

combination, become master within

in one second!

The system may analyze interaction results of customer in the past and come out the best profitability formula against LINE, EDM and message tools.

You only need to select the purpose of activity, and the system will provide best communication tool combination and most appropriate member conditions for commercial broadcasting.

  1. Seize the activity effects immediately
  2. Build the best profitability combination
  3. Utmost smooth operation
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Automatic marketing module

Automatic member labelling for categorization

Understand what customers are

thinking, turn list to order

Use customer list properly to make money! Allow system to find rich VVIP customers, so you may focus time and resources on right persons to enhance interaction frequency between you and customers and make businesses continuously!

  1. Repeatedly collect, label and classify population
  2. Seize what customers like
  3. Fine new ones via original consumers
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Understand what customers are thinking, turn list to order

Available for diversified EDM, LINE, message material modules

Create high quality commercial

which is 100% attractive and

immediate order placement once watching

Provide many exquisite, creative, high quality material models and continuous script. No matter it is birthday gift, old customer gift or promotion stimulating purchase or new product notice, one key entry is enough, so easy! Help you to attract the eyes rapidly, trigger the interest and do most efficient communication!

  1. Diversified exquisite models
  2. Different creative scripts
  3. One key speed generation
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Create high quality commercial by one key speed generation

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World Recognized Quality Services

  1. 國泰世華銀行
  2. Panasonic
  3. American Express
  4. OSIM
  5. 大潤發
  6. AVEDA
  7. 中國信託銀行
  8. Hennessy

International Technical Support and Cooperation

  1. facebook
  2. Google
  3. LINE

Global Platform/ Worldwide Integrated Platform

Be the booster for every SME, provide with the latest A.I. business platform, and apply marketing technology to help gain profits easily.

With the support of A.I., business can leave out the most time-consuming, replaceable work for highly efficient and convenient technologies.

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You may acquire services as follows:

  1. EDM distribution: 20,000 letters/ month
  2. CI-bot:population management, auto label(picture, link, self-developed option

Value-added item:

  1. SMS: NTD$ 1 dollar/letter
  2. LINE@ message plan
  3. EDM: excess: NTD$ 0.5 dollar/letter
USD 220.99/ month


You may acquire services as follows:

  1. EDM distribution: 20,000 letters/ month 
  2. CI-bot: Custom Menu, Merchant module (recommended products, phone customer service, member binding)

Backstage functions:

  1. Reply alert
  2. Track reply progress, histoical message
  3. Appoint reply personnel
  4. Promotion managment
  5. Self-developed message: 3 scripts

Value-added item:

  1. SMS: NTD$ 1 dollar/letter
  2. LINE@ message plan
  3. EDM: excess: NTD$ 0.5 dollar/letter
USD 283.99/ month
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